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Red Dahlia Glow Locket ™

The red Dahlia Heart Glow Locket ™ is most likely one of the most perfect valentine's day gifts we have created in the glow in the dark jewelry studio. The blend of red and antiqued brass give this an enchanting and romantic illumination.

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Passion Swirl Dahlia Glow Locket ™

Taking the romantic Dahlia heart locket and changing the colors to a beautiful pink, blue, and purple swirl creates what we call the Passion Glow in the dark. Our Dahlia Glow Lockets ™ are available in silver-plated, gun metal, or antiqued brass!

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Glow Heart in a Cage

Petite and dainty, these red glow hearts in a cage are a great affordable glow in the dark gift that is simple but elegant and sure to please.

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Love You To The Moon And Back

Maybe a red heart is not what you are looking for? Perhaps you'd rather just come out and say it in our glowing moonlight quote pendant with the famous and adored saying, "Love you to the moon and back." Glows bright moon blue-white.

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Red Heart Mystic Glow Locket ™

Simple and easy but eye-catching and enchanting! These little hearts are worn all around the world, we have shipped thousands and know you will be pleased with our handmade glow in the dark jewelry as a Valentine's Day gift!

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